We are a small firm with great aspirations to create contemporary jewelry, where form, technology and fashion come together. The seed of our dreams and ideas. We desire to be profitable, work from a local and global mindset and to sell jewelry to you with a desire to wear exciting pieces. Our cooperation partners are innovative companies in the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Germany, located in Bayern, working to develop new technology within 3D printing.

We develop every piece at home. We are a two-person operation – one a goldsmith, one an architect and product designer – with a shared passion for jewelry. We have worked at AddOne for almost two years and it has been an amazing journey. Testing pieces to ensure that they will last, can withstand water and heat, have the correct measures – we feel every piece in and on our own hands. And as a result, our products meet our high standards with regard to quality and you can wear them in you every-day fast-pace life.

Material is PA2200

  • bio compatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C

Enjoy with us