The material 

is PA 2200 Nylon

  • bio kompatibel i henhold til EN ISO 10993-1 og USP / niveau VI / 121 ° C

Our jewelry is designed in  3D; Printed in nylon and colored with the newest tecnology. 

Take care of your jewelry

The jewelery should always be treated with care. We have tested material and staining over the last year and have not seen significant changes in the surfaces. The colors are durable and have a high UV resistance. Should not be left in direct sunlight. Can not withstand temperatures above 80 ° C

Read the following information about the care of your jewelry.

Always remove your jewelry

  • when you wash your hands or take a bath
  • when you sleep
  • if you work with detergents and other chemical substances
  • if you do hard physical work


  • Wipe your jewelry if they get wet
  • Clean with soap and water